Basic First Aid on 6th September 2019

Table Of Contents:

Section 1 - First Aid Provider
Legal Considerations
Recognizing an Emergency
Deciding to Help
personal Safety

Section 2 - Assessment
Primary Assessment - unresponsive Person
Secondary Assessment - CPR & AED
Ongoing Assessment - Recovery Position
Section 3 - Soft Tissue injuries
Control Of Bleeding
Internal bleeding
Managing Shock
Impaled Object
Open Chest Injury
Open Abdominal Injury
Section 4 - Muscle And Bone Injuries
Head, Neck, Or Back Injury
Swollen, Painful, Deformed Limb
Section 5 - Facial Injuries
Impaled Object in the Eye
Chemical in the Eye
Injured Tooth
Section 6 - Burns
Minor burns, Critical burns
Chemical Burns, Electrical Burns
Section 7 - Sudden Illness
Stroke, Diabetic Emergencies,Seizure
Asthama, Sever Allergic Reaction
Section 8 - Poisoning
Ingested Poison
inhaled poison
Section 9 - Bites And Stings
Snakebites, Spiderbites
Stinging Insects, Tick Bites
Human and Animal Bites
Section 10 - Environmental Emergencies
Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke
Hypothermia, Frostbite
6-8 Hours.
ASHI Certification valid for 2 years (recognized worldwide).
Course Material:
Available online after completion of training.